Cookies Policy

Information page on the use of cookies by WolfWay.

Cookies (first party) WolfWay

Note: All the WolfWay cookies are not tracking cookies.

  • csrftoken:Cookie used to enhance Cross Site Request Forgery protection
  • sessionid:Cookies used to keep the client side data of an authenticated user session
  • messages:Cookies used to keep local storage of the json messages between client and server
  • cookieconsent_dismissed:Cookies used to keep local storage of the acceptance of the consent to cookies treatment
  • ebro_side_fixed_nav:Cookies used to keep local storage of the sidebar status
Cookies (third party)

Note: All the third party cookies are used only to enhance the product development. No data of WolfWay users will be shared with external organizations or companies for any reason.

  • _ga:Cookie owned by Google Analytics. Used to distinguish users. further info in this Link
  • _gat:Cookie owned by Google Analytics.Used to throttle request rate. Further info in this Link
Further information on Google analytics cookies
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